Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering


The DT&M Group (Design Tools & Methods), Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering, Scientific Disciplinary Sector ING-IND / 15, is active in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of Università Politecnica delle Marche since 1998. The group currently consists of two ordinary professors, an associate professor, a fixed-term researcher and about 30 people including PhD students and research fellows. The group is a reference point for teaching and research activities on the issues of Technical Industrial Design and on methods and tools for the design and development of products and processes. The researchers of the group have, over the years, promoted and participated in numerous international, national and local research projects. The scientific results of these activities have been published on more than 350 articles in indexed journals and conferences. The group collaborates with various international research centres: INGP Grenoble, Tokyo University, Delft University, Brussels University, Universidad de Valencia, etc. The research group also maintains a constant collaboration with the researchers of the same SSD active at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Politecnico di Milano, the University of Parma, the University of Tuscia and the E-Campus University.


The research group is active in the 3 institutional functions: teaching, research, and third mission. The teaching activity covers the courses of “Mechanical Design”, “Computer Aided Design (CAD)”, “Virtual Prototyping” and “Product Life Cycle Management” for the bachelor and master’s degrees in “Mechanical Engineering”, course “Technical design and data management” for the bachelor degree in “Management Engineering”, course and laboratory of “Digital Technologies for Three-dimensional representation” for the single-cycle degree in “Building Engineering and Architecture”, and the course “Methods and Tools for Biomedical Product Design” for the Master’s Degree in “Biomedical Engineering”.

The research activity, which concerns the study, definition and implementation of methodologies and tools to support product development processes, technologies to make the human-machine interaction adaptive, engaging and usable and the definition of new design paradigms of the physical and digital experience, is carried out in close collaboration with international research groups and with important industrial partners (General Electric, CNH Industrial , Ferrero, Elica, Electrolux, …), also in the context of projects financed by regional, national and international programs. In this context, the Group has received approximately 9 million euro in funding over the last 10 years.

As regards the third mission, the group is engaged in constant activities of technological transfer and exploitation of the knowledge deriving from research. He started two innovative startups, academic spin-offs, Hyperlean and EMOJ, he was one of the founders of the national Smart Factory, E-Living and TICHE clusters and owns 4 patents, two of which are of invention.

Research activities

Research activities are related to hardware/software tools and methods to support product development, with particular attention to the design phase. Research areas related to product development are subdivided into three main strands based on the three pillars of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Research activities are applied both in the mechanical/industrial and biomedical fields. The results of the research sometimes consist of prototype software tools to be used during the design or development of new products or services.
Below is a list of the typical research activities of this research group.


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