The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) was established in July 2011 following the merge of the previous departments of Mechanics, Energy and Mathematics. DIISM is one of the 180 Italian University Departments of excellence defined by ANVUR and has obtained a five-year funding of around 7.3 millions € for a research project on Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.


DIISM has 50 professors. A great contribution to the development of the various activities is given by the young researchers on whom the Department has invested many resources. In fact, there are about 100 active researchers among PhD students, research fellows and scholarship holders, with an average age of 28. In support of research and teaching activities there are technicians to manage the numerous laboratories and highly qualified administrative staff.


DIISM coordinates the Degree and Master’s Degree Courses in Mechanical Engineering and Management Engineering; two curricula in Energy Sciences and Mechanical Engineering from the Doctoral School in Engineering Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche. The Department has contributed to graduating 1638 students in the last 5 years and has led the PhD course of 78 PhDs. Today, almost all of them are used permanently in international, national and local companies.


DIISM promotes activities of excellence in most research fields of interest for Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The Department is structured in a series of research groups that have homogeneous scientific interests. The research is supported by different laboratories and IT structures. Most researchers have collaborations with other universities, agencies and institutions, and participate in national and international research programs. Particular attention is dedicated to technology transfer to public and private companies, and to collaboration with the local, social and economic context.
The high quality and quantity of the research activity is documented by the publications produced each year on international journals, national and international conference proceedings and chapters of national and international books and patents. The Department is also engaged in intensive scientific dissemination activities through conferences, seminars and specialized courses.

  • In the Italian Research Quality Evaluation (2011-2014) of the individual Scientific Disciplinary Sectors, 7 out of 11 sectors of the Industrial Engineering Area present in the Department are positioned in the first quartile as an average grade compared to the results of the relevant National SSD.
  • Also relevant are the activities that have led to the creation of value through innovation (11 patents in the last five years).

At DIISM, various entrepreneurial initiatives (spin-offs) have been created and are active with the aim of enhancing and transferring on the market know-how and technologies developed within the research activity.


One of the strengths of DIISM was its ability to attract resources from competitive calls. DIISM professors collaborate with numerous Research Institutes and Networks of Excellence around the world, coordinating and collaborating in numerous national and international research projects: in particular, in the last 5 years DIISM has been involved as a manager or partner in 20 Projects European, 4 Projects related to National Technological CLUSTERS, 2 PRIN Projects, 1 Ministerial Project (SMART CITIES), 13 POR MARCHE Projects and a Flag / UNIVPM Project. The total amount of funds allocated to research projects active in the five-year period was € 8.920.596,00.

Other scientific-technological activities
  • DIISM actively participates in various European Platforms including PPP FoF, PPP EeB, PPP Spire, EIP-AHA. The different platforms define the priorities and strategies for research in the various research areas and provide the European Commission with indications for the implementation of its strategic lines.
  • DIISM, through Università Politecnica delle Marche, is active in the highly specialized Competence Center ARTES 4.0 (Advanced Robotics and enabling digital Technologies & Systems 4.0), an accelerator of the transfer of research to industrial applications.
  • DIISM, through Università Politecnica delle Marche, participated in the establishment of the “Industry 4.0 regional platform: collaboration between companies and the world of research for a digital future”.
  • DIISM, through Università Politecnica delle Marche, is one of the founders of the National Technology Clusters “Smart Factory“, “Green Chemistry”, “Design, Creativity and Made in Italy” and “Technologies for living environments“. In this context, DIISM is also a Founding partner of the Regional Technological Cluster “Marche Manufacturing” with the aim of building and coordinating a stable community of the Manufacturing of Marche for research and innovation activities.
  • The teaching staff of the Department has organized numerous international conferences (AIVELA-Int.Conf. Laser Vibr., ASME MESA, IEEE MESA, TMCE, Summer School in Industrial Engineering, RAAD) at the headquarters Università Politecnica delle Marche.
  • DIISM is the headquarter of one of the INdAM – National Institute of High Mathematics “Francesco Severi” unit. Page of the INdAM unit.
  • DIISM is the headquarter of the Italian Association of VElocimetry LAser and non-invasive diagnostics (AIVELA).
  • DIISM has coordinated since 1990 the drafting of the Regional Energy and Environmental Plans of the Marche Region.
  • DIISM coordinated the regional technical table for the identification of Smart Specializations of the Marche Region.