Mathematical Analysis


The Mathematical Analysis group was born at the Mathematics Department “V. Volterra” of the University of Ancona (subsequently Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Marche Polytechnic University, since 2011 part of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences). Several people took part in this group in the past, among them Flaviano Battelli. Now the group consists of seven professors and researchers and two post-doc fellows, whose research interests are in the fields of ordinary and partial differential equations.


Both research and teaching activities are pursued by the group.

The teaching activity concerns courses of Calculus 1 and 2 and Mathematical Methods for the engineering degree courses in Ancona and Fermo.

The research activity covers many topics in Mathematical Analysis, in particular concerns the study of existence and multiplicity of solutions of ordinari differential equations and partial differential equations usign variational and topological methods,degree theory and dinamical systems techniques. The members of the group organize workshops and conferences.

Research activity

The main areas of research are the following:


Prof.ssa Cristina Marcelli
Tel. +39 071 220 4822

Prof.ssa Francesca Gemma Alessio
Tel. +39 071 220 4477

Prof.ssa Francesca Papalini
Tel. +39 071 220 4479

Dott. Vincenzo Ambrosio
Tel. +39 071 220 4592

Dott. Renato Colucci
Tel. +39 071 220 4885

Dott.ssa Milena Petrini

Tel. +39 071 220 4816

Dott.ssa Teresa Isernia

Tel. +39 071 220 4174


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