ING-IND/08 – Fluid machines – ING-IND/09 – Systems for energy and the environment


To date, the group of “machines and energy systems” of the Polytechnic University of the Marche consists of 3 associate professors, research fellows and doctoral students. The group belongs to the Department of “Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences”, awarded among the 150 Italian excellent departments. The group is characterized by its teaching and research activities in the field of machines, energy systems and energy efficiency in the industrial sector.
The group of “machines and energy systems” was born in the eighties thanks to Prof. Carlo Maria Bartolini who, after graduating from the University of Ancona in 1975, entered the teaching staff of the same since 1979.

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The group consists of teachers and researchers in the sector of “Systems for energy and the environment” (ING / IND-09) and carries out scientific and educational-training activities in the cultural area of “Energy machines and systems and the environment “. The main active research lines concern the application of machines, energy systems (including energy storage) in the field of civil and industrial engineering. Scientific activity is widely documented by publications in international journals and by participation in international and national research projects. The group has the objective of transferring the knowledge deriving from research activity both in teaching and in collaboration with the industrial world. The group carries out teaching activities in the three-year and master’s degree courses of the degree in mechanical and management engineering of the Faculty of Engineering.


Marche Energy LHub for Energy Transition

Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) laboratory

Research Activities

The research activities of the team “Fluid Machines and Energy Systems”, which belongs to Marche Polytechnic University, deal with energy systems and their technical components. In particular, the core of the research activities regards the modeling and the experiments of these systems based on distributed generation and poligeneration powered by renewables and fossil fuels, such as natural gas. Furthermore, the use of energy storages as energy efficiency intervention in both household and industrial sectors with the aim of lowering the carbon footprint is also studied.
In the last years, the research activity shifted more to the energy transition: in particular, energy storage (batteries, thermal storage and others with a more innovative design) and planning/management of hybrid energy systems have been studied in order to improve the electric grid flexibility when non-programmable energy sources are used.
Some of the research activities of the team “Fluid Machines and Energy Systems” are carried out also in collaboration with several national and international universities and research centers, as proved by several publications in international research journals.

Hybrid energy systems and energy storage Investigation and Modeling for energy efficiency and energy transition

Energy Planning, multi-energy systems and Local Energy Communities

Energy Demand Modeling

Participation to International and National Projects and International Cooperation

The scientific activities of the “Fluid Machines and Energy Systems” group of the Università Politecnica delle Marche are solidified through collaborations at the national and international levels, providing the chance to professors, researchers and students to participate and engage in national and international research projects.



National Research Projects

Reference staff

Prof. Flavio Caresana
Prof. Leonardo Pelagalli
Prof. Gabriele Comodi
Ph.D. Students
Samuele Spedaletti
Erica Corradi
Anam Nadeem
Andrea Monforti Ferrario

Post doc fellowes
Andrea Bartolini
Gabriele Foresi
Stefano Cardarelli
Carla de Carolis

Past Ph.d and Research Fellows
Carlos Boigues Munoz
Emiliano Borri
Caterina Brandoni
Claudio Campana
Francesco Carducci
Lorenzo Egidi
Alessandro Fonti
Matteo Lorenzetti
Alessio Nardini
Anselmo Pallotta
Andrea Pesaresi
Gloria Puglia
Marco Spitoni
Giorgio Tombari
Sandro Vagni
Paola Venella