Sara Urbano

Sara Urbano
PhD Student


Research Areas

Developing tools of Intellectual Property, as a perfect synthesis of technology and strategic aspects acquired during my Second Level Degree in Management Engineering. In detail, investigating bureaucratic procedures related to Patents filing and issuing, cases study of Legal Patent Infringement, Engineering Measurements availment to assess Patent Claims (mechanical or otherwise, already released and under deposit). The study of new Forensic Engineering discipline has allowed to appreciate the ability of Measurement Instruments to solve disputes related to Patent Infringements already released, providing a new research field in which these Measures are used to evaluate the content and best writing the Claims which define the protection boundaries of Patents submitted to offices in charge for consideration.

Capsule Bio

Sara Urbano is a PhD within the Mechanical and Thermal Measurement Group in the DIISM. She graduated in Engineering and Management from Università Politecnica delle Marche in 2010 with a thesis entitled "L’uso delle Misure nella Determinazione del Livello Inventivo e della Contraffazione dei Brevetti ".



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