Rachele Napolitano

Rachele Napolitano


Research Areas

Her research activity aims to develop of non-contact measurement techniques for the observation and reconstruction of underwater benthic habitats and organisms, especially of coral. In this way, marine biology could performing accurate measurements of volume, surface area and other morphometric measurements of three-dimensional biological objects, without removing them from the sea, that represents a valuable contribution for the preservation of current marine flora and fauna. Her work is developed within the DIISM-UnivPM and “Stazione Zoologica Anthon Dohrn”  in Naples. Her research proposal is to use the technology of laser-based 3D shape and color measurements , to the underwater world.

Capsule Bio

Rachele Napolitano received the Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering  in July 2012 and the Master’s degree in Electronical Engineering in October 2015, at Università Politecnica dell Marche. Her thesis entitled “Misura senza contatto, con sensore elettromagnetico, di parametri fisiologici in ambiente indoor: stima della spesa energetica” has been developed at the DIISM (Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) of the Univerisità Politecnica delle Marche.

Since 2015, she is a PhD student at the DIISM of the Università Politecnica delle Marche.


Office Phone:
+39 071 220 4373