Giulia Ulpiani

Giulia Ulpiani
PhD student


Research Areas

Development of an open, free, interconnected and accessible domotic framework transforming home into a set of shared and interoperable ecosystems where technology meets people needs. Research activity focuses on comfort management, Home Automation, Home Telecare, Ambient Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living, Active Ageing paradigms, energy audit and consumption awareness.

Capsule Bio

Giulia Ulpiani graduated in Thermo-Mechanical Engineering in 2014, with honors, honorable mention and a thesis entitled “Test sperimentali su un impianto di pirolisi a biomassa animale”, developed at DIISM (Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences), Università Politecnica delle Marche.

In 2014, she began her PhD studies at DIISM, performing research activity within Cluster-SHELL project (Shared Interoperable Home Ecosystems for a Green, Comfortable and Safe Living).



Office Phone:
+39 071 220 4877