The Metallurgy group works and is integrated in the DIISM (formerly Mechanical Engineering Department) since early back in the ‘80s of the last century. It is currently made up of 5 people of which 2 are professors. The Metallurgy group expertise includes most of the major scientific and technologic areas of interest of the metallic materials science.


The Teaching activity focuses on the metallic materials themes and includes 5 courses (of which one is split in two student partitions), 1 of them being included in the industrial engineering degree based in Fermo.
The research activity of the group was developed in these decades to include studies of light alloys (such aluminum, magnesium, and titanium), iron-based metals (steels and cast irons), and in the last decade also nanostructured coatings. The group was active and participated to several European funded on light-alloys and nanostructured coatings (EU: TALMAC; 6th framework program: EXCELL / VINF; 7th framework program: NANOINDENT; Horizon 2020: COST CRM-EXTREME and ICARUS FET-OPEN; extra EU: NPRP Qatar Foundation).

Research activities

The Metallurgy group activity is broad within the typical metallurgical themes and methodologies. This includes: