Metallurgy and Mechanical test Laboratory


Metallic materials and coatings characterization by optical microscopy techniques.

Research activities
  • Metallographic and stereological analyses of metallic materials and coatings;
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM) for the surface analysis;
  • Hardness and Micro-Hardness measurements;
  • Nano-Indentation measurements on coatings and metallic materials to determine the micro-mechanical response in terms of strength and elastic modulus;
  • Preparation of metallic samples for electron microscopy inspections (the group is member of the CISMIN, electron microscopy center of the Faculty of Engineering, with instruments located at the SIMAU department).;
  • Warm and Hot deformation (using the available torquemeter);
  • Constitutive Equations (using the available torquemeter).
  • Devices for the metallographic preparation of metallic samples (cutting tools, grinding and polishing machines, mounting press for metallic materials, electrolytic facilities, chemical etching);
  • 2 Leika optical microscopes (DMi8);
  • Burleigh atomic force microscope (AFM);
  • Durometer and Micro-Durometer (Remet);
  • Nanoindenter (Hysitron);

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