Heat Treatments and ECAP Laboratory


The laboratory is equipped with three different furnaces for the heat treatments of metallic materials, of which one is able to perform heat treatments of up to 1200 °C. These are used to test the thermal response of light-alloys, steels, cast irons, superalloys, cupper-based materials. A computer-assisted thermal cycling device is also used to test the thermal shock of the coatings, and the device is also equipped with controlled-environment facility.
The laboratory is also used to perform severe plastic deformation processes especially on light alloys, and namely, aluminum alloys.

Research activities
  • Heat treatments of metallic materials;
  • Thermal shock of coatings on steels;
  • Severe plastic deformation applied to aluminum alloys.
  • 2 furnaces working at temperature ranges of 15-to-1000°C, and one up to 1200°C;
  • 1 thermal cycling computer-assisted device;
  • 1 open ECAP die, and 2 solid ECAP die for cylindrical billets, equipped with thermal induction plates able to reach a temperature of 600°C.

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