AI Driven industrial Equipment product life cycle boosting Agility, Sustainability and resilience


“Machinery industry in Europe is a basis for employment, growth and wealth, with around 3.2 million people employed. Industrial equipment is considered a key enabler for industrial development and the EU has a historically strategic position in this sector.
However, it lives from a technological edge in a very competitive landscape. Hereby, it is crucial to provide all stakeholders of the EU with AI technologies that guarantee a resilient design, deployment and reuse of industrial equipment for an increased global
competitiveness and a reinforcement of its industrial strategic autonomy and resiliency. AIDEAS will develop AI technologies for supporting the entire lifecycle (design, manufacturing, use, and repair/reuse/recycle) of industrial equipment as a strategic instrument to improve sustainability, agility and resilience of the European machinery manufacturing companies. AIDEAS will deploy 4 integrated Suites: 1) Design: AI technologies, integrated with CAD/CAM/CAE systems, for optimising the design of industrial equipment structural components, mechanisms and control components; 2) Manufacturing: AI technologies for industrial equipment purchased components selection and procurement, manufactured parts processes optimisation, operations sequencing, quality control and customisation; 3) Use: AI technologies with added value for the industrial equipment user, providing enhanced support for installation and initial calibration, production, quality assurance and predictive maintenance for working on optimal conditions; 4) Repair-Reuse-Recycle: AI technologies for extending the useful life of machines through prescriptive maintenance (repair), facilitating a second life for machines through a smart retrofitting (reuse) and identification of the most sustainable end-of-life (recycle).
The AIDEAS Solutions will be demonstrated in 4 Pilots of machinery manufacturers that provide industrial equipment to different industrial sectors: metal, stone, plastic and food.”


Responsabile per l’Università Politecnica delle Marche, DIISM, Prof. Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica