Tecnologie e Sistemi di Lavorazione


The Technology and Processing Systems Group has been active in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche since 1980, when the former Department of Mechanics was established. The group is currently composed of six people operating in the different fields of the sector ING-IND/16 – Technologies and Processing Systems: a full professor, an associate professor, a permanent researcher and three research fellows.


tecnologia meccanica, studi di fabbricazione, sistemi integrati di produzione, gestione industriale della qualità, tecnologie e sistemi di lavorazione per manufatti in composito e programmazione e controllo della produzione

The group carries out teaching and research activities in the various university headquarters of the Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche (Ancona and Fermo) on topics related to the mechanical technology, manufacturing studies, integrated production systems, industrial quality management, technologies and manufacturing systems for composite products and production planning and control (scientific sector ING-IND / 16 – Technologies and Processing Systems).
The research activity, which is performed with a numerical-experimental approach through studies conducted using simulation techniques and experimental methods, is carried out in collaboration with other universities and industrial partners, within the framework of program-funded agreements and projects of regional, national and international research. The Technology and Processing Systems Group also is attentive to technology transfer to public and private companies, and to collaboration with the local, social and economic context.

Research activities

As far as the research activity is concerned, the group operates on various issues relating to the sector ING-IND/16 – Technologies and Processing Systems, such as:

  1. innovative production processes, with particular reference to processing for plastic deformation, machining and solid state welding processes, applied to advanced materials such as innovative metal alloys (aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys), composites with discontinuous reinforcement phase (metal matrix reinforced with ceramic material particles) and composites with continuous reinforcement phase (with polymeric matrix reinforced with long carbon fibers);
  2. sustainable production, using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology in order to assess the environmental impact of production processes with an approach that considers the entire life cycle;
  3. design and control of production processes, using simulation techniques based on the finite element method and artificial intelligence (artificial neural networks, fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy logic).
  • Prof. Mohamad El Mehtedi
    Tel. +39 071 220 4731
    email: m.elmehtedi@univpm.it