Mechanical Technology Laboratory


The laboratory aims to support research activities related to the analysis and study of additive manufacturing processes, heat treatments and mechanical tests. The laboratory consists of a 3-ton hydraulic press, a heat-treatment oven, 3D printers for making plastic parts, a Charpy pendulum and a small-sized rolling mill. All the tools are available to mechanical engineering students for carrying out examination, training and graduation projects.

  • STRATASYS 3D printer model OBJET 30 with PolyJet technology

  • STRATASYS 3D printer model FORTUS 250 mc with FDM technology

  • 3 ton hydraulic press

  • Oven for heat treatments up to 1100 ° C

  • Charpy pendulum for resilience tests

  • Small manual mill

  • Rhinoceros software for three-dimensional prototyping modeling for the preparation of models to be printed using additive techniques