Dipartimento di Eccellenza

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Science was the winner of the “Departments of Excellence” tender with a loan of 7.3 million euros over 5 years.
The research themes (Objectives) that will be addressed in the “Departments of Excellence” project are:

  • Development of additive technologies using innovative materials (composites, glass, etc.)
  • Metallic materials for the new generation of additive machines
  • Measuring systems for high-precision quality control (shape, dimensions, finishes) without contact
  • Solutions to improve the energy efficiency of production processes based on hybrid systems
  • Intelligent robotic systems to manage hybrid productions
  • Integration of additive and subtractive processes with a view to manufacturing time compression
  • Sensor systems for on-line detection of process and product parameters
  • Correlations between process and product data through software systems and algorithms for data mining
  • Solutions for rapid reconfiguration of hybrid production processes
  • Design systems to optimize the benefits of additive manufacturing
  • Techniques and tools for improving the eco-sustainability of hybrid production processes
  • Structural and performance optimization of products made with hybrid manufacturing
  • Study and development of sample production plants in the reference application areas

The actions planned in the project are:

  1. Construction of a configurable / reconfigurable pilot plant (Industry 4.0) based on the Hybrid Manufacture to study and test production technologies, materials and software applications to support the functions of the plant itself; plant test on various industrial application cases.
  2. Structuring of a multidisciplinary research group on Hybrid Manufacturing that involves all the scientific sectors of DIISM
  3. Awarding for the improvement of the organization of the Department
  4. Highly qualified educational activities. In this context, the aim is to focus on the research doctorate and on internationalization