Here the active Spin-offs at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:

    • ADDISURGERY: Development, design, construction and marketing of high-fidelity and low-cost surgical simulators made with 3D printers.
    • ReVolt: Design, production and marketing of HW and SW systems for innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the energy field.
    • Spherecube: Production of innovative extrusion heads of long fiber composite materials with thermosetting matrix capable of creating products with additive manufacturing technology with performance comparable to products made with standard technology
    • U-Sense.IT: Development, production and distribution of devices for non-contact and / or non-invasive measurements, for example optical and acoustic.

    Here the Spin-offs born from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:

    • EMOJ: Innovative products and services with high technological content to be used in the fields of customer marketing, neuromarketing and customer experience management
    • GreenTech: Development and production of sustainable systems for conversion, management and storage of electrical, thermal and cooling energy
    • Hyperlean: Development and sale of software tools for product cost estimation and product configuration
    • JANUX: Manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and related devices nec
    • STRA.TE.G.I.E.: Research, planning and technology transfer for energy exchange and conversion processes