Vision based measurements lab


In the vision-based measurement laboratory we deal with the development and application of tools and methods of measurement based on vision and image analysis.
The field of application is mostly that of quality control and production control and the technologies used are essentially based on the use of coherent or non-coherent light sources, the acquisition of images, in the different wavelengths, and processing the images themselves to extract features indicative of the state of a machine, a system or a process.
To these technologies an anthropomorphic robot was coupled, for the adaptive movement of the cameras, and micrometric positioning systems for the centering of precision parts.
The laboratory is equipped with a 3D printer for rapid prototyping of measuring devices.

  • Illuminators
  • Traditional and telecentric objectives
  • Anthropomorphic robot
  • Micro traversing
  • 3D printer
  • Dr. Paolo Chiariotti,

+39 071 220 4976