Vibration Testing Lab


The vibration measurement laboratory deals with the development and application of measurement techniques and strategies for the vibrational characterization of objects and machines.
The main measurement techniques used, in addition to more traditional sensors, such as accelerometers and load cells, are those related to laser vibrometry technology.
The laboratory has several vibrometers for measuring axial vibration, scanning, in-plane and rotational, in the various versions suitable for industrial, laboratory or field applications.
In this laboratory, original solutions have also been developed, such as tracking vibrometry or continuous scanning, so as to offer performances not available on commercial systems.

  • Standard sensors for vibration measurement and modal analysis (accelerometers, load cells)
  • Single point vibrometers (high frequency, digital, infrared)
  • Scanning vibrometers
  • Rotational vibrometer
  • In-plane vibrometer
  • High resolution and frame rate vision systems
  • Systems for controlled vibration generation (impact hammers and shakers of various size)
  • Acquisition systems for vibration analysis (oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers and acquisition boards)
  • Data processing systems for modal analysis
  • Vibrational test benches (sinusoidal, random and shock)
  • Test benches with close loop control
  • Dr. Paolo Chiariotti,

+39 071 220 4976