Tommaso Mancia


Research fellow – ING-IND/16


Prof. Mohamad El Mehtedi

Research areas

The research activity is included within the Department of Excellence Project and concerns the study and analysis of innovative processes. In particular, it focus on the analysis and control of the additive manufacturing process parameters to obtain higher quality products and how this innovative technique can be inserted into production activities by replacing or improving individual steps or entire phases of traditional production processes.

Capsule Bio

Tommaso Mancia was born in Ancona (AN), on 08/10/1988. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 and his master’s degree, still in Mechanical Engineering, in 2017, both at the Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche. He worked as a mechanical designer of molds at a manufacturer of plastic products from June 2017 to January 2018 and in February 2018 he obtained a 1-year research grant in Industrial Engineering at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM ) of the Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche. His research interests include CAD design, Design for Additive Manufacturing and the integration of this technique into traditional industrial processes.

Main publications
  1. El Mehtedi, M., Forcellese, A., Mancia, T., Simoncini, M., Spigarelli, S. (2019). A new sustainable direct solid state recycling of AA1090 aluminum alloy chips by means of friction stir back extrusion process. In Procedia CIRP, 79, 638-643.


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