Talipu Abudukaiyoumu


Research fellow – ING-IND/15


Prof. Maura Mengoni

Research Areas

His research activity focused on designing and developing smart services and innovative applications with predictive approaches based on machine learning. The research and development activities are conducted with the collaboration of IDEATO (FLOWING) S.R.L.

Capsule Bio

Abudukaiyoumu Talipu graduated in Computer science and technology at Minzu University of China in 2013. He holds a Computer science master degree of Università di Camerino. November 2017 he started the PhD course in Industrial Engineering at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. His research interest includes Facial expression recognition, Natural language processing and predictive maintenance.

  1. Generosi, A., Altieri, A., Ceccacci, S., Foresi, G., Talipu, A., Turri, G., Mengoni, M. (2019) MoBeTrack: A Toolkit to Analyze User Experience of Mobile Apps in the Wild. ICCE 2019
  2. Altieri, A., Ceccacci, S., Ciabattoni, L., Generosi, A., Talipu, A., Turri, G., Mengoni, M. (2019) An Adaptive System to Manage Playlists and Lighting Scenarios Based on the User’s Emotions. ICCE 2019


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