Stefano Biagi


PostDoctoral Researcher   – MAT/05


Prof. Cristina Marcelli

Research Areas

During my PhD at the University of Bologna I was
concerned with the study of some classes of sub-elliptic operators modeled on
sub-Laplacians on real Lie groups. More precisely, the results I obtained
concern maximum principle, Harnack’s inequalities, characterization of left-
invariance and representation of super-harmonic functions in the realm of abstract Potential Theory.

After my arrival at the Università Politecnica delle
Marche I prosecuted the study of sub-elliptic operators and I started to study
boundary problems associated with strongly singular ODEs; I am also working
on symmetry results for poly-harmonic equations and elliptic systems.

Capsule Bio

I was born in Bologna in September 1988; I obtained the
technical high-school diploma in 2007 and, in 2010, I attained the Bachelor
degree in Mathematics at the University of Bologna. After having obtained, in
2012, the Master degree in Mathematics at the University of Bologna I started
the PhD course at the same university. In 2015 I acquired the habilitation
certificate for the high-school teaching (class A026 – Matematica) and, in 2017,
I got the PhD in Mathematics (SSD MAT/05). Since December 2017 I have a
post-doc position at the Università Politecnica delle Marche.

Main publications
  1. S. Biagi, A. Calamai, F. Papalini: Heteroclinic solutions for a class of
    boundary value problems associated with singular equations, to appear in
    Nonlinear Anal. (2019).
  2. S. Biagi, E. Valdinoci, E. Vecchi: A symmetry result for polyharmonic
    problems with Navier conditions, to appear in Comm. Pure and App. Anal.
  3. S. Biagi, A. Bonfiglioli: An Introduction to the Geometrical analysis of
    Vector Fields with Applications to Maximum Principles and Lie Groups,
    World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. (2019)
  4. S. Biagi, A. Bonfiglioli: The existence of a global fundamental solution for
    homogeneous Hormander operators via a global Lifting method, Proc. Lond.
    Math. Soc. (2017);
  5. E. Battaglia, S. Biagi, A. Bonfiglioli: The strong maximum principle and the
    Harnack inequality for a class of hypoelliptic non-Hormander operators,
    Annales Inst. Fourier (2016).



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