Sara Casaccia


PostDoctoral Researcher – ING-IND/12


Prof. Gian Marco Revel

Research Areas

Health@Home Project: Analysis of physiological and environmental signals using standard and advanced techniques (e.g. machine learning) and design of sensor network to monitor the well-being of older persons in their homes.
eWare Project: optimization of domestic sensor network using simulated and real data to identify the behaviour of older adults with dementia in their homes.
Homes4Life project: certification of building technologies to improve the well-being of aging people.
Resilien-T Project: Integration of domotic and physiological sensors to monitor the health and well-being of people with dementia.

Capsule Bio

2009 – 2011 – Master degree in Biomedical Engineering with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude and a thesis titled “Real‐time techniques for the measurement of physiological parameters in Neonatal  Intensive Care Unit”.
2012 – 2015 – Ph. D Student on Mechanical and Thermal Measurements with a thesis titled “Measurement of physiological parameters in the human body with non-contact technique: Laser Doppler Vibrometry”. The thesis was developed thanks to the collaboration with the Washington University in St. Louis (visiting student from February 2014 to September 2014). 
2015 – till now – Post Doc.
Main publications

  1. Monteriù, A., Prist, M., Frontoni, E., Longhi, S., Pietroni, F., Casaccia, S., … & Pescosolido, L. (2018). A Smart Sensing Architecture for Domestic Monitoring: Methodological Approach and Experimental Validation. Sensors, 18(7), 2310.
  2. S. Casaccia, F. Pietroni, L. Scalise, G. M. Revel, A. Monteriù, M. R. Prist, E. Frontoni, S. Longhi. Health@Home: pilot cases and preliminary results. MEMEA 2018, Rome.
  3. S. Casaccia, E. J. Sirevaag, E. J. Richter, J. A. O’Sullivan, L. Scalise and J. W. Rohrbaugh. Features of the non-contact carotid pressure waveform: Cardiac and vascular dynamics during rebreathing (2016). Review of Scientific Instruments.
  4. Sirevaag, E. J., Casaccia, S., Richter, E. A., O’Sullivan, J. A., Scalise, L., & Rohrbaugh, J. W. (2016). Cardiorespiratory interactions: Noncontact assessment using laser Doppler vibrometry. Psychophysiology 53 (6), pp. 847-867.
  5. L. Scalise, S. Casaccia, P. Marchionni, I. Ercoli, E.P. Tomasini, Laser Doppler Myography (LDMi): A novel Non-contact Measurement Method for the Muscle Activity. Laser therapy, 22(4), 261. This paper was selected as Good Paper Award 2013 by the Editional Board Members.


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