Samantha di Loreto


PhD Student – ING-IND/11 (XXXV year, 2019 – 2022)


Prof. Costanza di Perna

Research Areas

The main of research activity concern the development and implementation of mathematical models for thermal and acoustic comfort in building environmental.

Capsule Bio

Samantha di Loreto received the master’s degree in Electronic’s engineering from Politechnic University of Marche with 110/100 cum laude. In her thesis entitled ” Comparative analysis of kitchen range-hoods sound quality ” she establishes a speedy methodology for determining an acoustic quality index for the noise produced by household appliances (SQ-Index). After graduation she obtained her professional qualification and from November 2019, she is a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) of Marche Polytechnic University.

Main publications


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