Non Destructive Testing Lab


The Non-Destructive Testing Lab has expanded over the years, acquiring more and more innovative and technologically advanced techniques. Particular attention has been given to non-contact techniques, which allow non-intrusive inspections. Thanks to the numerous field tests carried out, the staff of the lab has gained solid experience not only in basic research, but also in technology transfer to industry.
The measurement techniques dealt with are:
•    Air-coupled ultrasonic measurement techniques
•    Thermographic measurement techniques
•    Shearographic measurement techniques
•    Laser ultrasonic measurement techniques
•    Laser triangulation measurement techniques


The research activity ranges in very different sectors, for example:
–    in the automotive and aerospace sectors where different techniques are compared to further increase the accuracy and reliability in the determination of defects, in particular on composite materials;
–    in the sector of buildings, where techniques for the detection of thermal bridges, poor thermal insulation, intrinsic characteristics of the material (density, thermal transmittance, etc.) are developed;
–    in the railway sector, where non-contact inspection techniques are required to reduce downtime machine and increase the frequency of inspections


•    Ultrasonic systems
– The Ultran Group
– Metalscan
– JSR Ultrasonics
Wide range of ultrasound transducers (from 100 to 5000 kHz frequency range) with and without contact  

  • Thermography

  • Shearography system

  • Laser Ultrasonics

  • Scanning system with laser triangulation (Keyence)