Mohamed Ghat


PhD Student – ING-IND/21 (XXXII° year, 2016 – 2019)


Prof. Stefano Spigarelli

Research Areas

My research activity aims to investigate the high temperature deformation of the super alloy (IN718), aluminum (AlSi10Mg) & Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) by torsion and creep experiments. In this, work we study:

  • The effect of the deformation temperature under high and moderate strain rate by using a constitutive modeling to describe the relationships between the flow stress, strain rate and deformation temperature.
  • Microstructural characterization of deformed samples.
  • Analysis of the results, discussion and report.
Capsule Bio

I born in Alexandria, Egypt, in July 1984. I got the Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in October 2010 at Alexandria University, Egypt. I got an industrial experience for more than 5 years. Since 2016, I am a PhD student at DIISM of the Università Politecnica delle Marche. In May 2018, I went to Austria for 3 months at Technische Universität Graz (TUGraz) to carry out the research activities on titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) by using a Gleeble 3800 physical simulator. My thesis is entitled “Analysis of the high temperature deformation of complex microstructure materials by using a constitutive modeling” all the experiments is running in the Mechanical metallurgy lab at the DIISM (Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) of the Univerisità Politecnica delle Marche.

  1. M. Ghat, M. El Mehtedi, D. Ciccarelli, C. Paoletti, S. Spigarelli. High temperature deformation of IN718 superalloy: use of basic creep modelling in the study of Nickel and single-phase Ni-based superalloys, Materials at High Temperatures, 36 (2019), pp. 58 – 67. DOI: 10.1080/09603409.2018.1456508.  
  2. M. Ghat, M. El Mehtedi, S.Spigarelli, Hot formability of Inconel 718 by using constitutive equations. 37° Convegno Nazionale AIM, Bologna (September 2018).


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