Mechanics Applied to Machines


The Machine Mechanics team is active within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche since 1998 and has skills and experience in mechanical design, dynamic analysis of machines and multibody systems and mechatronics. The group is currently composed of three faculty members, two research fellows and a doctoral candidate.


The Machine Mechanics team develops research and teaching activities in the typical fields of applied mechanics. The research topics mainly concern mechatronics and robotics, mechanical design and biomechanics: these subjects are dealt with a mechatronic approach, taking into account both mechanical structure and control architecture.
Significant results have been achieved in the field of robotics, in particular with reference to parallel kinematics machines, while the most recent interests concern collaborative robotics and its industrial applications.
Teaching activities are carried out for three-year and master’s degree courses in mechanical engineering, for the three-year degree courses in biomedical engineering and management engineering (Fermo) and for the master’s degree course in computer engineering and automation.

Research activities

The Machine Mechanics team aims at combining a rigorous scientific approach with the experimental validation of the obtained results, in order to solve problems of industrial interest. The analysis of problems often leads to the development of analytical or numerical models, through which the performance of the system is evaluated or the effect of a design alternative is assessed. Problems are addressed with a system approach, through which the functional modeling of the interacting parts allows to estimate the performance of the entire system under study.
With regard to the application domains of the research activities, the following subjects are highlighted:


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Prof. Matteo Claudio Palpacelli
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