Mechanical Design and Machine Construction


The Machine Construction and Mechanical Design Group has been active at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of Università Politecnica delle Marche since 2000. The group is currently composed of a dozen people, with skills and experience in the field of mechanical design, structural calculation, study of materials and study of production processes.


The group carries out teaching and research activities. The teaching activity concerns the courses of Machines construction, Finite element analysis, Reliability and safety of mechanical constructions, Mechanics of advanced materials e Construction of motor vehicles for the Bachelor and Master’s Degree. In addition to collaborative activities with industry in the context of projects financed by regional, national and international programs, the group deals with research activities in the areas expressed under the heading “application domains”.

Research activities
  • Design of mechanical components and systems.
  • Static and fatigue structural checks through the use of implicit and explicit finite element codes.
  • Nonlinear analysis for the study of phenomena characterized by large displacements such as plastic and hyper-elastic deformations.
  • Modal and thermomechanical analysis.
  • Study of crash phenomena and high deformation speed.
  • Study of the mechanical behavior of injection molded polymers

Image analysis
Development of techniques and experimental devices suitable for the acquisition of 3D shapes and the measurement of deformation fields through image analysis.
The applications developed concern structured light projection techniques for 3D surface relief, grid methods for measuring deformation on printed sheets or on elastomers subjected to biaxial tension state, digital correlation techniques of speckle images (DIC) for measurement of the deformation field of the components.

Characterization of materials
Study of the mechanical behavior of materials with the aim of characterizing the constitutive link that exists between tensions and deformations.
Characterization of non-linear materials as occurs in the case of metals subjected to plastic deformation or hyperelastic materials (elastomers).
Development of machines for the study of the dynamic behavior of materials at high deformation speeds (Hopkinson bars), under different load conditions. Dynamic characterization of soft, fragile and ductile materials.
Characterization of biological materials.

Multy-Body analysis
Analysis of complex mechanical systems with multi-body codes. Analysis of the dynamic behavior of motor vehicles. Simulation of tire behavior. Study of trajectory control of motor vehicles.

Process study
Study and optimization of industrial production processes in order to improve the product in terms of mechanical performance, weight, fatigue resistance etc.
The activity focused mainly on molding and rolling processes with particular interest in innovative processes such as tube hydroforming and incremental deformation. The main problems such as plastic instabilities, study of forming limits (FLD), surface defects have been treated through the use of theoretical and numerical models.
Study and optimization of the polymer injection molding process using numeric codes.


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