Matteo Falone


PostDoctoral Researche – ING-IND/11


Prof. Renato Ricci

Research areas

His PhD research activity mainly concerns the development and implementation of numerical models for thermo-fluid dynamics and the aeroacoustics of energetic systems within open-source codes.

Capsule bio

Matteo Falone received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2013 with a thesis entitled “Group contribution method for the prediction of second virial coefficients”. In 2017 he received the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis entitled “Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of a catalyzed exhaust system for a four-stroke engine by CFD OpenFOAM numerical approach”. From November 2018 he is a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) of Marche Polytechnic University.

Main publications
  1. “An improved Group Contribution Method for Prediction of Second Virial Coefficients”; G. Di Nicola, M. Falone, M. Pierantozzi, R. Stryjek R; I&EC Research; ACSPublications (2014).
  2. “A semi-empirical correlation for the estimation of the second virial coefficients of refrigerants”; G. Di Nicola, G. Coccia, M. Pierantozzi, M. alone; International Journal of Refrigeration; Elsevier (2016).
  3. “Passive boundary layer control on wind turbine blades using dimples”; V. D’Alessandro, G. Clementi, M. Falone, L. Giammichele, S. Montelpare, R. Ricci; Proceedings of 36 th UIT Heat Transfer Conference, June 25 th – 28 th , 2018
  4. “A low–storage Runge–Kutta OpenFOAM solver for compressible low–Mach number flows: aeroacoustic and thermo–fluid dynamic applications ”; V. D’Alessandro, M. Falone, L. Giammichele, S. Montelpare, Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer September 3th – 6th , 2019
  5. “Direct computations of aeroacoustic fields: solver development and assessment of wall temperature effects on radiated sound around bluff bodies. V. D’Alessandro, M. Falone, R. Ricci. Computers and Fluids, May 2020


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