Mathematical Physics


Research and teaching activities in Mathematical Physics have been present at the Polytechnic University of Marche since its foundation, first at the Department of Mathematics “V. Volterra” and since 2011 at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Faculty of Engineering, with the presence throughout history of figures of clear national and international recognition. 


The main activities are teaching and research.

The teaching activity concerns the Rational Mechanics course at the Mechanical Engineering Degree course of the Faculty of Engineering and Doctorate courses on relevant topics of Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Since the 2022/2023 Academic Year we have also been responsible for following students in the final path towards their degree supervisioning their internships and their degree thesis, of which some examples are given below:

• Analysis and numerical simulation of the main modes of vibration of lattice structures.

• Study of deformation waves in fibre-reinforced hyperelastic materials.

• Elastodynamic study of fibre-reinforced materials of engineering interest.

• Study and simulation of gyroscopic systems.

• The jump effect of a general eccentric cylinder rolling on an inclined plane.

• Study of the deformations of a hyperelastic isotropic material with different deformation energy density models.

• Study of a swinging and resonant spring.

• Hamiltonian approach to the study of dynamical systems of engineering interest.

• Holonomy in a sphere rolling on a plane, analytical research and numerical simulations of the most appropriate paths to obtain a given orientation of the axes, with application to spherical robots.

• Analytical study and numerical simulations of the Dzhanibekov effect.Research activity

The research activity is mainly devoted to kinetic theories and continuum mechanics, with theoretical and numerical methods, both deterministic and stochastic.

The main research areas are:

• Mathematics of materials, such as new neo-Hookean materials and graphene

• Mechanics of hyperelastic materials

• Transport phenomena based on the Boltzmann equation

• Transport of charges and phonons in graphene

• Monte Carlo Method

• Stochastic and deterministic simulations for transport problemsReference personnel

Marco Coco, PhD


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