Irene Martinelli


Dottoranda – ING-IND/15 (XXXIII ciclo, 2017 – 2020)


Prof. Michele Germani

Research Areas

The development of a new gas turbine is a long process and involves several iterative steps, the ability to estimate the cost of alternative design solutions during the conceptual phase (when the cross section is designed) is crucial. The development a parametric cost tool for each part and family that is able to read design information from a cross section “enriched” with multiple attributes is a possible solution of the problem. The aim is to develop a software system able to manage the parametric costification of the various functional groups / families, which will allow to explore more design alternatives in the conceptual phase.

Capsule Bio

Irene received her Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pisa, in February 2013, after a five month thesis internship in Fluid Dynamic at Ely Lilli. At the same time she was also internal student of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, where she gained a Mechanical Diploma focused on Robotics Engineering. In March 2013 she was hired by GE Oil&Gas as Mechanical and Fluid System Engineer. She joined Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) in 2013 for a two years rotational program. After EEDP graduation, She joined Technology and Validation team, where she is working as Manufacturability and Value Engineer. She is VMA certified (Value Methodology Associate) since 2017.



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