Ilari Serena


Dottoranda – ING-IND/17 (XXXVI ciclo, 2020 – 2023)


Prof. Maurizio Bevilacqua

Research Areas

The Doctoral research topic focuses on the analysis of the role that Industry 4.0 technologies play in the creation of a Circular Economy.

Capsule Bio

Serena Ilari is an Industrial Engineer graduated with honours at the Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche in October 2020. During the university career she has the opportunity to pore over the topic of Supply Chain Resilience and analyze it through the System Dynamics. This study was developed during two internship experiences carried out within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences which led to the drawing up of the final dissertations. After majoring she was admitted to the PhD School of the Universit√† Politecnica delle Marche.  



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