Iacopo Bianchi


PhD Student – ING-IND/16 (XXXVII year, 2021 – 2024)


Prof. Archimede Forcellese

Research Areas

The research activity focuses on the environmental sustainability of polymer matrix composites and additive manufacturing processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), and Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) methodologies are employed. 

Capsule Bio

Iacopo Bianchi received the Master degree in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche in December 2020 with a grade of 110/110 cum laude. The thesis work was about environmental impacts and cost analysis of an innovative recovery process for composite prepreg  scraps. After graduation, he collaborated with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM), focusing on the optimization of composite material structures for the marine industry and environmental impact analysis of manufacturing processes. In November 2021, he began a PhD in Industrial Engineering at the DIISM.

Main publications
  1. Environmental impact assessment of zero waste approach for carbon fiber prepreg scraps. Bianchi, I., Forcellese, A., Marconi, M., …Vita, A., Castorani, V. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 2021, 29, e00308


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