Daniele Costa


PostDoctoral Researcher – ING-IND/13


Prof. Massimo Callegari

Research areas

Collaborative robotics, underwater robotics.

Capsule Bio

Daniele Costa was born in Chiaravalle (AN) in 1976. In 2011, he attained his master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. In 2015, he attained his second master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Università Politecnica delle Marche. Since the month of November 2015 to October 2018 he has attended the Ph.D. Course in Industrial Engineering. Since November 2018 he has been working as a Post Doctoral research fellow on the Underwater Near-Infra-Red Spectroscopy – UNIRS project.

Main publications
  1. Cossu, G., Sturniolo, A., Scaradozzi, D., Bartolini, A., Costa, D., Caiti, A., Ciaramella, E., “Sea-trial of Optical Ethernet Modems for Underwater Wireless Communications”, Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 36(23), pp. 5371-5380, 2018.
  2. Costa, D., Palmieri, G., Palpacelli, M-C., Panebianco, L., Scaradozzi, D., (2017). “Desing of a Bio-inspired Autonomous Underwater Robot”.  Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems (JINT), pp. 1-12, 2017
  3. Scaradozzi, D., Palmieri, G., Costa, D., & Pinelli, A., “BCF swimming locomotion for autonomous underwater robots: a review and a novel solution to improve control and efficiency.” Ocean Engineering, Vol. 130(1), pp. 437-453, 2017.
  4. Scaradozzi, D., Palmieri, G., Costa, D., Zingaretti, S., Panebianco, L., Ciuccoli, N., … & Callegari, M. (2017). UNIVPM BRAVe: A Hybrid Propulsion Underwater Research Vehicle. International Journal of Automation Technology (IJAT), Vol. 11(3), pp. 404-414, 2017.


Office Phone:
+39 071 220 4418


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