Complex and Quaternionic Analysis

  • Complex geometry of hyperbolic manifolds and bounded domains in Cn. Groups of automorfisms of bounded domains in Cn. One-parameter semigroups of holomorphic endomorphisms of the unit ball, thel polydisk, the Cartan domains of di type IV.
  • Complex geometry of unbounded domains in Cn. One-parameter groups of holomorphic automorphisms of C2. Spaces of square-integrable entire functions with respect to a given weight in C, Cn and C*. Multiplication operators on generalized Bergman spaces.
  • Quaternionic geometry. S-regular functions of quaternionic variable. Hardy spaces of s-regular functions. *-Exponential of an s-regular function. S-regular functions which preserve one or several slices.
  • Applications of geometry to technology and art. Multifield theories for complex bodies with microstructure. Analysis of art works (paintings, poems) by means of geometry techniques as a tool for the composition of musical pieces.

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