Chiara Paoletti


PhD Student – ING-IND/21 (XXXIII year, 2017 – 2020)


Prof. Stefano Spigarelli

Research Areas

My research project is focused on the study of the plastic deformation of metals with a face centered cubic structure (FCC); this project aims to define a new set of constitutive equations based on the physics of high temperature deformation of FCC metals, in the form of a model that does not require any adaptation of the experimental results data. Parallel to this research project, I carry out laboratory activities, specifically test on creep, torsion, severe plastic deformation (ECAP), heat treatments and mechanical characterization (with tests of hardness, on micro and nanometric scale and electrical conductivity ) and microstructural analysis on metallic samples (mostly FCC).

Capsule Bio

I was born on 25th December 1990 in Ascoli Piceno and I get master degree in Mechanical Engineering, with 110/110 cum laude vote, in July 2017 at the UnivPM with a thesis entitled “Mechanical and microstructural evaluation of the ECAP process, with and without cryogenic treatment, in aluminum alloys”; in the bachelor degree, in 2014, I carried out the experimental thesis entitled “Optimization of the annealing stages in the multi-wire aluminum drawing”. I worked several years as a designer in a company, and I am the inventor of a patent entitled “Cording machine, particularly for the stranding of a multi-wire electrical cable” (No. B165405). Starting from November 2017 I am a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the DIISM-UnivPM, specialized in metallurgy, of which I currently attend the second year.

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