Built Environment Lab


The laboratory of measurements applied to built environment deals with the development of measurement systems and techniques applied to the buildings sector. The activities are carried out with a wide spectrum of applications for the whole building life cycle and related components, including the interaction with the occupants. The main application goals are the buildings performance assessment and control. The laboratory has developed measurement systems and sensor networks, also in collaboration with industrial partners, for the monitoring of different building typologies in different climates, such to develop a consolidated experience in the field.
In this area, the following technologies are available:

  • Sensors for environmental monitoring (including the microclimate station)
  • Sensors for indoor air quality monitoring
  • Sensors for solar radiation and illuminance
  • Sensors for physiological parameters monitoring
  • Sensors to measure the building components performance (heat-flux, temperature, air leakage)
  • Non-contact temperature measurements
  • Wireless, wired and hybrid sensor networks
  • Methods for comfort monitoring (thermal, visual and acoustic)
  • Methods for environmental data analysis and processing

Comfort Eye
The Comfort Eye (patent N. 0001422135 – System and method for the monitoring of thermal comfort), is an innovative measurement system for the monitoring of thermal comfort, visual comfort and indoor air quality. Composed by two sensing nodes, one low-resolution IR and one for the measurement of temperature, humidity, illuminance and indoor air quality. The two nodes, thanks to the wireless connectivity, allows a centralized data collection with a single gateway.

The IoT architecture allows the data collection from different buildings and the exposition of information relevant for the occupants’ comfort and building performance.

The IR scanning node, moved on two axes, provide the reconstruction of thermal maps of the monitored environment.

Customized measurement systems

System for the continuous monitoring of the indoor air quality: PM2.5 and PM10

Sistema di monitoraggio di radiazione solare e luminosità

Measurement of physiological paramters

Living Lab 
Innovative concept developed in collaboration with Focchi Spa for the development of intelligent monitoring and control systems applied to curtain walls buildings.

Microclimate station

Station for the monitoring of thermal comfort in compliance with ISO 7730 e ISO 7726.


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