Biomedical Instrumentation Lab


The research activity carried out covers different fields related to biomedical instrumentation and clinical engineering. In particular, new instrument prototypes for the measurement of physiological parameters (systems for the noncontact measurement of heart rhythm, respiratory rate, heart variability rate, grip strength, urine flow) have been designed and new methodologies for the measurement of parameters of clinical interest (position and trajectory of the centre of pressure, operator’s grip and push force, mobility of visually impaired subjects ) have been developed.

  • 12 channel Clinical Electrocardiograph with PC interface.
  • Echotomograph
  • Blood pressure oscillometric measurement system 
  • Digital and manual stethoscope 
  • 3 channel lab Electrocardiograph with PC interface
  • Spirometer with PC interface 
  • Plethysmograph
  • Optical oximeter
  • Force platform for biomechanical measurements