61th Crystal Clear Collaboration general meeting – Time table

61th Crystal Clear Collaboration general meeting and board meeting – Time tables


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61th Crystal Clear Collaboration meeting

Ancona – 27 March 2014

Venue:  Ancona see web page: http://www.diism.univpm.it/ccc_meeting_2014


8:30 Registration

Meeting starts at 9am

  • Welcome of the Ancona’s academic authorities and CCC spokespersond., 15 min’
  • Scintillation detector activities at Stefan Meyer Institute Vienna, J. Marton, Vienna, 30min
  • TICAL project, P. Lecoq, CERN, 30min
  • The role of tetravalent cerium in the scintillation mechanism in Ce-doped silicate and garnet scintillators, M. Nikl, Prague, 30min

Coffee Break

  • Using VUV sources and fs lasers in scintillator research, V. Nagirny, Tartu 30min
  • New results of results from LuAG:Ce and LYSO:Ce fibers characterized in Giessen, S. Diehl, Giessen, 20min
  • A measurement system to observe residual stresses in scintillating crystals, L. Montalto, Ancona, 20min
  • Particle path branching in photonic crystals, F. Davi, Ancona, 20min




  • A large array of novel scintillators for gamma-ray space astronomy, R. Chipaux, CEA Saclay, 20min
  • Characterization of crystal matrices and crystal modules of EndoTOFPET project, M. Pizzichemi, Uni Milan, 20min
  • Towards a new ClearPEM, S. Tavernier or T. Niknejad LIP, 20min

Coffee Break

  • Presentation of the IONgrid project with the industry, K. Ziemons, Aachen, 20min
  • Data Processing in phenoPET, M. Streun, Julich, 20min
  • Status report on the development of the simultaneous hybrid PET/CT scanner ClearPET/XPAD, M. Hamonet, CPPM, 20min


19:30: Dinner